Innovation and valorisation of agroforestry wastes
envirohemp seeks to meet current needs without compromising future generations.
Our mission is to lead the creation of products and high added value applications from waste and agroforestry by-products, contributing actively to the sustainability and cost-effectiveness of new developments. Besides, the comprehensive management of stakeholders is included among our activities, since one of our primary objectives is to meet the needs of all our stakeholders.
 Our vision is to be a company focused on the research and  development of new products and process, who is conscious of the  environment and involved in society and in agroforestry Industry. We are committed to the idea of green chemistry, performing processes that respect the environment throughout the whole chain, from production to waste management.
The values highlighted in envirohemp are:
Environmental commitment, social responsibility to the environment, technological innovation, transparency, trustworthy products and services, dedication to service, honesty, integrity and respect.
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