ENVIROHEMP focuses on the development of environmentally-friendly and sustainable bio-products and high-tech applications, providing solutions for different industrial areas.

Our company is an expert in different agro industrial biomasses such as olive, spent mushroom compost and other wine based by-products; but INDUSTRIAL HEMP is one of our best bets due to its excellent biological, physical and chemical characteristics.

Our INNOVATIVE PROCESSES to exploit the enormous potential of industrial hemp and other agricultural and forest species – from its fragmentation by primary processing or used directly- to produce different high added value products to valorise the different lignocellulosic fractions (hemicellulose, cellulose and lignin).

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ENVIROHEMP has based partnerships with organisations of highly qualified scientists, emerging research companies and research centers with experience.

The aim of these collaborations is the innovation, research, development, improvement and enhancement of certain areas of your business performance.