In ENVIROHEMP we are aware that different chemicals are used as fertilizers and pesticides for agricultural production.

We are competent in performing activities of phytoremediation and soil amendment whose purpose is the degradation of these harmful compounds.

ENVIROHEMP is also dedicated to the remediation of land contaminated with metals, metalloids, pesticides, explosive solvents, petroleum and petroleum products, pollutants, and various radioisotopes.


Among the techniques in this line of business, the use of BIOCHAR (produced from agro-waste) and the promotion of high performance organic crops can be highlighted. In this regard, we emphasize the INDUSTRIAL HEMP plant having multiple partners and environmental benefits:

Low amount of fertilizers required.

No competition with food crops.

Growing without pesticides, herbicides or fungicides.

Improved soil fertility and agrobiodiversity.

Promotes the reduction of energy consumption and soil compaction.